Quilled daisies and berries

(inside a shadowbox frame of 15×20 cm)


Quilled glass bowl

Bowl dimensions:

Height: 9.5 cm; Width bottom circle: aprox. 8.5 cm; Width top circle: aprox. 16.5 cm

Quilled daisies and poppies

(on a 15×20 cm frame)

Quilled hydrangea and ladybug

(in a 15×20 cm shadowbox frame)

Quilled jasmines and butterfly

(in a 15×20 cm shadowbox frame)

Quilled sunflowers and cosmos flowers

(the shadowbox frame is aprox. 25×25 cm)

Quilled pink anemones and red cosmos

(on a frame of aprox. 20.5×26.5 cm)

Quilled daisies and poppies

(on a 18×23 cm frame)

Quilled branch of flowers

(on a frame of aprox. 17.5×22.5 cm)


Quilled card with hydrangea

Dimensions: aprox. 10×14 cm

Message: “A special thank you”

Quilled card with basket of flowers

Dimensions: aprox. 11×15 cm

Message: “Happy Birthday”


Quilled wedding cards

Dimensions: aprox. 10.5 x 14.5 cm

Message: “On your wedding day”


Quilled card with bouquet

The card is aprox. 10.5×15 cm.

Card message: “Congratulations”

Quilled wreath

The wreath is inside a shadowbox frame of aprox. 25×25 cm, behind a glass window.

Quilled bicycle card

The card is aprox. 11.5 x 15 cm

Card message: “Thanking You”

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