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About Quilling

Quilling (or Paper Filigree) is a technique that consists in rolling paper strips on a slotted tool in order to make coils that can be given different shapes, such as circles, petals, leaves, etc. These can be used to decorate cards, frames, boxes etc., or make jewelry and other 3D objects.

The slotted tool can be bought or made. One easy and cheap way to make your own tool is to slit a toothpick or pointy stick at one of its ends, then place it in an object (like a pen you don’t use anymore) in order to hold it better while using it. But note that this might require replacing it once in a while as it can become weaker and break after using it for a longer time. You can view the slotted tools I use – the bought one and the handmade one – in the images below.

I especially like to use the toothpick when I’m making the petals for the flowers in my artwork because it gives a smaller center to the tight coils.

The strips of paper can be of different sizes and thickness, depending on which type you like to use best. On the frames I make, I usually use strips which have between 1-2 mm width for the petals of the flowers and strips of over 3 mm width for other elements I make. I cut the paper strips I use with a paper guillotine or buy them online precut. You can buy strips of paper of different colors but that means you have to work only with certain colors and widths of paper that are available. That is why using a paper guillotine (or cutting paper with a cutter and a ruler) can be more advantageous at times because it allows you to be more flexible with the papers and colors you use.

The time required for making a framed artwork is between 3 days and 2 weeks or more, depending on what I’m working on – if it’s a new frame or one I’ve made before.

If you are interested in any of my artwork listed on the website,
feel free to contact me here and we can discuss on details of price and shipping.

The frames can be personalized with other messages.

Also, note that each order for one of the artworks which are not ‘Available’ will have to be remade and might not turn out to be an exact copy of the one listed on the website, as each artwork has its own uniqueness.

Thank you for visiting my website!